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Simulate and visualize water, earth, sand, gravel movement and thermal rock erosion on tiles of 512 square, up to 4096k square. 

  • Create and edit a landscape and watch it erode
  • Real time water system
  • Build and save levels with a basic editor. (read the tool tips to understand the editor)

This is an early pre-alpha version we are putting out for feedback and testing. 

For more details see the roadmap here


Minimum Spec

CPU: 4 Core with AVX2, 8GB Main memory

GPU: Discrete GPU with 4GB memory

This spec can handle landscapes up to 4k in real time, though 2k landscapes will be more comfortable at high fps.


Key features due for the upcoming Alpha release are:

- Plants & Trees that grow and spread depending on soil and rock types

- Ground water simulation. Models how water penetrates and flows through the ground so plants can grow depending on where the water is 

Trees growing in earthsim


es3_x64.0.2.4022.0.msi 15 MB

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